Customs and maritime services

Customs Services and Orders

We specialize in customs procedures in the food sector. Our goal is to improve all procedures so that the client can have its merchandise on the shortest timeframe possible and with the professionalism that we are recognized for.

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Sea Transport Services

Intermesum initiated its activity with the sea department

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External Service

Follow upon custom dispatch processes Document validation with the sea companies Assistance on physical verification/ inspection of merchandises (stripping, container opening and sealing)

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To send the transaction declarations monthly related with the sent and received goods between the countries of the European community to the NSI (National Statistical Institute).

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In April 1995, Intermesum was born with headquarters on Leça da Palmeira, by initiative of the current manager associate José Lino Freitas. 

In the beginning, Intermesum was created oriented towards the marine area and later on, due to the demanding of the international economic relations, the customs dispatches and circulation department was created. 

Currently, Intermesum has 9 coworkers. We are dynamic, modern company, aware of the market and client´s demanding. Our goal is to continue to grow constantly and to provide a quality service.

We were considered Leader SME in 2018!

PME Intermesum

Fomos considerados PME Líder em 2018!


To fulfill the services demanded with care, ethics, personal and professional transparency and always on the lookout of customer satisfaction.


To search excellence on the different services offered.


Ethics, transparency, accuracy, seriousness, honesty and efficiency.


Rua Pinto de Araújo nº249 4450-777 Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos

+351 229 997 170

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